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Making a difference (friendship)

I know it’s been a long time since my last post… I need to be friends with the time… Once again a post without preparation or thinking ahead (If I do that I wont write).

Well what is this post about? I thought about making a difference in peoples lives. These couple weeks I’ve been deepening my friendships, opening my heart and trying to make a difference in the lives of people around me, and you know what? It’s working 🙂

Sometime ago on my birthday one of my friends spoke that one of  my gifts to the circle of friends was that I make the difference into peoples lives, that it’s difficult for me to pass unnoticed. Well since then I was thinking and praying and a couple birthdays ago I’ve finally realized why was that. I let people make the difference in my life.

Actually I do that by putting myself in other peoples shoes, I put myself on that person’s place and I think:  If it was me on that situation what would I do?  Or: How would I like to be treated? What can I do to make sure he/she  is feeling comfortable around me?

I’ve seen that some people don’t want you to solve their problems they just want you to listen to them. I’ve experienced true friendship, with girls. Yes it is possible for a man to have real friends of the opposite sex (I don’t like the definition but I’ll go with that). It’s true people talk, we were joking about bets of how long it was going to take or which one I was dating, I had to answer clearly to one of my friends (a man BTW) that I wasn’t dating one of them.

Denise and Juliana in Fortaleza and another Juliana in Vienna, they have been examples of good, healthy and godly friendships the Lord gave me to live. I am thankful for them in my life. When we’re together we just openheartedly share our experiences of prayer, of offerings, of humiliations for the Kingdom of God, of God’s love in our hearts this way just looking at each other we can know what we mean and we support each other in His ways…

Thanks for reading, the goal of this post was only to make you a little more open to listen to people, let them into your life, the make a difference in putting yourself in their places, letting them change the way you see them. You are going to change peoples lives in letting them change yours. Big challenge. God asks us big things through His love. I’ll be happy in making people happy. Believe me that’s the way I do.
God Bless you!


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