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What kinds of dancing are OK for Catholics? (Obviously, not the kind at the party you went to!) Some Christians, even some Catholics, are surprised that I do Latin dances. I have to explain that I don’t participate in anything raunchy. If a venue is trashy, I don’t go there. And then most of my dance partners don’t go to church. Who knows, maybe God wants me to be there dancing; I try to “preach at all times, use words if necessary.”

Well I don’t think I need to comment much because I think you understood it all. I think the way to go is the same of the other post. I’m Latin-american, Brazilian to be more specific. In my city there is a rhythm called “forró” which I like very much but there is forró and forró if you know what I mean. So is it ok for me to dance forró? Yes, and thankfully my community understood that and we play that in our parties. But before playing it we listen to the songs, we check the words not to play something offensive or with double meaning.

For the rest I have to tell you that you got it good! And yes you’re there to be a witness of Gods love. To show your dance partners that being a Christian is not about doing or not doing something but it’s about having a strong relationship with Someone. Someone that doesn’t take anything out but gives everything. A friend who changes our lives forever in His love and care. For whom we are willing to give up some things in our lives that we know couldn’t make us happy and complete.

Let’s continue to “preach at all times and use words if necessary.”(St. Francis of Assisi)


Pope in the UK

Non Christian parties

I had a good weekend…

Nothing like talking about evangelization (Saturday afternoon), going to a good party with some friends (sat Night), sleeping until late and taking a good dive in the warm Atlantic (Sunday afternoon) and crowning it with a good Mass at Shalom (Sunday night ).

Well this was a very good weekend. In this post I want to talk about the party. It was a birthday party, well not like the birth day parties I used to go in the community, but it was a “normal” party like people do here in Fortaleza. So what do I have to talk about though? Some of my friends teachers said they were proud of me for going there and mixing up with them. Still don’t get it? It was a non Christian party. It doesn’t mean there was an orgy, it simply means the people who were there weren’t there to have fun like Christians.

So there was drinking (at a moment there was no more non alcoholic drinks, that was the moment I left the party) there was dancing (normal dance music like Lady Gaga and stuff like that) and there were people wiling just to make out with someone well just people.

These people didn’t felt bad or accused for my presence, and they were happy that I was there. I think they feel like if I’m not coming to this kinds of party I’m “saying” this is all a sin and bad for you. And when I take part of the party, of course not doing everything they do I’m being one with them. I don’t condemn people if their conscience doesn’t  who am I to do so! Of course my conscience tells me when and where to stop. There was a moment the moves and the words of the music became too sexual, when the pop ran out, that was the moment my conscience told me to leave. One of my friends told me to put my tau (St Francis Cross) under my shirt and stay a little more but I couldn’t I would know it was there…

What is the big deal? A Christian should or should not take part on this?

I think we do. As Jesus did. He didn’t condemned the people who were drinking at Cana, He multiplied the wine. He didn’t stop them from drinking (sinning). Who I’m I to say what people should or shouldn’t do? Of course my conscience as a christian warns me about the sin  and I have myself to be aware of my limits. To evangelize and to show people the best way to live ins’t telling them a bunch of rules. It is to tell them that “the Christian lives like everyone else, gets married like everyone else but is someone that has a hope not like everyone else”(St Justin.Could a christian help me find the exact quote please?) That we’re not extraterrestrial beings (even though we are) going to heaven and everybody else will be doom to hell. I think this is the exact way to push them away from the church.

Being an example, being with them but not one of them, and not doing the same thing or having the same attitudes this is  a good way of showing  how to be a good Christian.

I have a lot more to talk about but my time don’t let me…

“I made this letter longer than usual because I lack the time to make it short.” (Blaise Pascal)

Songs I’ve sung to God

I admit that some songs make me think about God even if they’re made for a person.

Here are some I have sung for Him.

We talked a lot these last days

I’d like to make a review of what we have seen so far on this blog cause many people started seeing it after it was launched…

My very first post was a video What is your inner music?

Then I tried to say why I choose English as this blog’s language. A meditation about peoples hopes came right after.

One of my favorite post was Fr Joe’s “Is it ok to believe in space aliens?”.

My need for beauty was something I enjoyed talking about but I have a feeling that I need to continue to talk about.

I shared some videos that made me proud to be catholic, some about priesthood and one about the church.

Then it comes two very good textes from Fr, Joe again about free will. First about what is the point of it, and the second and if God knows what we’re going to do before we do it.

After this comes a series of “confessions” stuff I don’t have an opinion but I let my heart speak. It was global warming (actually I don’t think is was a good post but it’s there anyways) . The other was about friendship.

Two posts about prayer, one about contemplation and the other about praying with the Bible. I have to admit I need to write more about those two themes but it also needs time and dedication…

I realize as I write this post that there was a series of post about Christian every day life quite interesting. The list: Living a Christian life, No pain no gain, my favorite prayers for everyday, He never let me lack of anything(I took as my own confession this translation to English of this very good post of my friend Denise), a story about the sign of the cross. The fish came a bit after but I have to include it on this list together with the post about the Catholic actor fired for not shooting sex scenes. the last post in the same context is another text from Fr Joe about being a good catholic.

Man I posted! There are two about astronomy: A picture of our solar system, and another “solar” system found in a galaxy far far away.

And to fish a story I’ve found on the Toronto star about a video that wasn’t quite what everybody thought it was. Do you believe in everything you find in the web?

Well I’m not Michael Jackson but this is it! All I have written until now I hope you have enjoyed. I accept suggestions for further posts.

Please leave a comment after reading a post, it’s nice to have some feed back!

Peace be with you!

The need for beauty.

Yesterday I was talking to a close friend about our needs. About how some people need to sleep more than others, and as the conversation was flowing I just came out with “I need arts”. As she seemed she wasn’t getting it I tried to explain that sometimes in my life I just need to get some beauty into my system, I mean to see a painting or a good Photoshop design (come on this is art too!! Some examples of what I’m talking about) or a music.
At this point beauty for me becomes very abstract as a concept because I really think pop music can be beautiful but at that point of stress I just need a minimalistic kind of beauty. When I’m at this kind of contemplation I can’t help not to think about what Saint Augustin once said that is seeing the beauties of this world that we could see “The beauty”.

For me this music is an example of what I’m trying to say. This guy probably isn’t a Christian and I have no idea of what his experience of good might be; but he had an experience about love and he was able to translate it very well into music.
This also shows me that once you’re looking for God He shows himself right away specially if you’ve already had a good and deep experience of His presence. You can contemplate not only God but His creation and even human creation and find Him.
I promise to talk about the life of prayer and my life of prayer on one of the next posts.

What is your Inside Music ?

ever since I think about having a blog I think this video would figure in my first post :

I just loved it!