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I’m Catholic


During the Holy Week 2011 I was working in the tech part of the retreat promoted by Shalom Community in Fortaleza. So we were broadcasting through livestream and twitcam the talks and prayer moments.

There is this moment during the prayer on the holy Saturday where I was praying as a good charismatic and I felt the inspiration to pray with the psalm 123 for it was pretty much what was said by the priest who was leading prayer at that moment, immediately I took my iphone and opened the bible app, searched the passage and prayed with it, but as I was side by side with the brother who was twitting  I just passed him the passage for him to twit it. And so It happened my first twit inspired by the Holy Spirit during prayer.

After that I felt like sharing it with you so you can share with me and with others a moment where you felt really a part of our times and at the same time linked with the wonderful tradition of the Roman Catholic Church.

Yes I am Catholic, yes I’ve made promises to God in a Community of the Church, I use my Iphone to pray the liturgy of the hours and to follow the readings of the mass, I have a blog, I have a twitter account, I’m daily on Facebook and I use all this to witness my faith.

If you’re one of mine share this post or write your own, or twit something, let us fill the net with witnessing so people can see how alive and filled with meaning is our Catholic faith.

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