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I’m thankful

I’m thankful for my friends, for my family…

I’m thankful for new discoveries, for good conversations I could have with good people these past couple days…

I’m thankful for I’m a believer, and I’m very happy I am a person who has faith rooted in my heart, in my spirit and in my soul.

I’m thankful for each and everyone of you who come to visit this blog every day.

I’d like to invite you to search inside of your heart what are you thankful for and thank God for that. Little things are also worth praising God for too, like the beauty of the nature a cup of good coffee you had today.

If you can’t think of specific things praise Him  just because He is God.


God knows everything…

These past weeks I’ve been dealing a lot with discovering His will to my life. If it was or not in His plans for me to go out in mission again to Europe, how to deal with new acquaintances, or with some new job opportunities.

Today I was thinking about how linear my thoughts are; how everything for me is cause and consequence, if something is true, something else might also be, though it isn’t always or it sometimes can be… Let me explain myself. If the Lord didn’t let me go to Germany it is for me to stay in Fortaleza, but it doesn’t mean that it is for me to keep the same job. God thoughts are so much higher than mine. Today in my personal prayer I realized that I have to open my mind to them(God’s thoughts), but it’s not a matter of mind it’s a lot more a matter of trust. I feel invited today to let myself go in the hands of the almighty exactly because He is omniscient, and because He loves me, of course.

Today I’m experiencing this poverty (that is to be in God’s hands) in a whole new level. It isn’t not knowing where does He wants to lead me but, going on the direction He leads me, knowing that I haven’t got a glimpse of what He really have for me once I’m there. I’m living times of thankfulness because I’m seeing, a day after another, how the Lord takes good care of me. I can see almost everyday a sing of His guidance and some directions He gives me. It is a matter of faith.

I don’t feel like explaining but I’m very happy I’ve stayed here in Brazil. Because I can see that God has something very big for me here. I don’t know how long for but I don’t mind not knowing, because I know whatever He has for me it’s the best for me.

I’m thankful for you my readers, that even though it’s been a while since my last post you kept coming here every day. Which has encourage me to keep writing. I can’t promise I’ll keep the same pace I had last semester but I’ll try to share something with you once a week.