my vision of the world.

The risen One who was on the Cross

This is the title we, in Shalom community, give to Jesus. That means a lot and I won’t be able to talk about every aspect of this title but there is one I’d like to talk about this Holy week.

Once He was risen from the dead He didn’t erase the marks of the cross. Why was that? I’m no theologian and I don’t intend to give lessons on the reasons He had, I just want to share a bit of my personal experience with this risen Christ and what it does mean to me to see and touch His glorified wounds.

Showing His glorious wounds to Saint Thomas Jesus wasn’t only confirming it was really Him; He was showing what He has been through and also His actual condition of risen. For me it sounds like: “Don’t worry if you have to pass through all this you’re passing, resurrection is waiting for you”. Or even more (and that’s what makes my soul melt), I don’t need to heal your wounds because it is thanks to them that you’re going to witness your own resurrection to your brothers. So even though you’re hurt and you feel all the pain and suffering as consequences of your own sins just know that Jesus can make out of those very same wounds signs of your resurrection for others to see His power.

Think about this before you ask for healing of your wounds(2Cor 12, 7-9). If you have to fight for patience every day remember that having this wound in you can be a sign of the power of  Christ’s resurrection acting in you for the edification of your closest neighbors. During the celebrations of this holly week  let us remember that all the pain and sufferings our Lord has lived aren’t in vain but they are a reminder that our wounds  are also going to end up in resurrection. I’m not talking about the eternal life I’m talking here on this earth. One day we’ll be able to say to our brothers: “Here, touch this wound of mine, I was hurt by this world as you are today, but Christ is risen, He raised me up with Him and He can make you a new person just as He did with me.” Your wounds shouldn’t be the center of your attentions, neither the claim for healing the center of your prayers, let God be God and do whatever He pleases with your life and you’ll see your wounds shining as a sign of His resurrection in your life. You’ll be able to say: “I wasn’t capable of forgiving but now Christ is risen and I could forgive everyone who have hurt me one day”.

I pray that you in this Holy week can celebrate the mysteries of the death and resurrection of the Christ in a new perspective, the one of your own resurrection with Him in this life and in the hope for the next one.


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