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Prayer of Tobiah and Sarah

As I was praying yesterday before the Blessed Sacrament I opened the Bible in no specific book as a form of letting myself be guided by His providence to read what He wanted to say to me that moment. The book I opened in was the book of Tobit. (I feel sorry for our brothers protestants that don’t accept this book as part of revelation, they’re loosing a lot of the revelation on divine providence)

That made me pray a lot with His providence in the lives of those characters not very much known by a big part of Christians. I know I don’t have much time to write today but I want to share what is most touching for me in this book.
Both Tobiah and Sarah raised their prayer to the Lord asking to die and end up with the sufferings they were enduring. As The book goes on we see that Raphael was the angel in charge of taking their prayers and presenting them to God. But what impresses me the most is the way their prayer is listened by God.

Tobiah asked to die and God healed hies eyes, gave him fortune and a daughter-in-law of his own kindred (which wans’t easy in his condition of exiled).
Sarah also asked to die and the Lord gave her the husband Faithful to His commandments.

Whats my point? Lets just pray knowing that God Knows what is best for us. Every time I read the book of Tobit I’m renewed in my confidence that the Lord Knows best what is good for me and even though I think I’m not being listened because things around me aren’t going where I want them to go I just Know God has something way better prepared for me Just around the corner.

Lesson leaned from the lectio Divina, God hasn’t set a trap to catch me, it is actually the contrary, He has a better life waiting for me if I let his angels help me.

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