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Who are you?

No one is as funny in real life as on twitter, or as good looking as on Facebook and so on and so forth… Internet has given us means to connect with people, but how do we connect with these people? Do we really let ourselves be known? It is too easy to block somebody on the MSN or “unfriend” on Facebook but real life is not as easy as internet. I feel like a lot of people is changing the “second life” by the real one. In life people have their weaknesses, and it is part of life to deal with them, specially if they hurt us. Forgiving is one of the most important thing Jesus taught us. Being forgiven is also a great lesson for us to let God change our hearts. In our final judgment it will be all about accepting  God’s forgiveness, or you really thing you’ll deserve to go to heaven? On the net we want to look better than we are because we didn’t accept that we are lovable with our weaknesses. We have learned to compete, to overcome every obstacle. It’s like our value as a person in out on our achievements or victories or in what we do. I have discovered someone that loves me not beyond my flaws but with them. I’ve felt His love and I’ve learned to let Him forgive me and love me. We can make a big effort to love someone but how hard is it to let the others love us?Specially when we see they’re aware of our “dark side”… Internet has taken from us the right of feeling sad, the right of not being perfect. Even when we’re not feeling alright we “have” to put it in a funny way… I have known people from all over the planet, personally and through the net, but I always feel like I don’t know them very well. There are of course exceptions. I think of a friend who lives in Vienna, we talked face to face, more than ten years ago but the net has kept us close and these last months she have shared some difficult thing about her life. That’s friends trust, that’s using internet as a means not as an end. I’d like to invite you to be yourself on the net, to use the net as a means to connect with people. I’m not saying: open your life to everybody, but let people in your real life. We know it’s impossible to have in real life a million friends but we choose some to be the closest ones Even Jesus had James, John and Peter as His best friends. I open the invitation to choose someone from a different culture to be your friend you’ll see how enriching this can be. Thanks for reading it to the end, I just let my heart speak, I didn’t organized my thoughts. That’s what friends do right? If you liked this post please share it with your friends. Thanks.


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