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Christ the king

When I think about this feast there are two images that come to my mind. Both are the Christ “the image of the invisible God” (Col 1, 15); one made by an artist the other is His body the church (Col 1,24).

The first one is an actual image of Christ The king. In my Grandparent’s parish. I used to go there almost every Sunday. This big image is quite impressive to a seven years old boy. The artist was very successful when depicting the magesty of Our Lord. He Stands high above the main altar, Blessing us and sending us at the same time. He looks very sure of himself that inspires confidence even when we think everything is quite “messy” in this world He is still in control.

The second image is  the basement of St. Anthony’s Church at Toronto on the very Sunday of the feast. I see it as an image of the catholic church. Philipinos, Brazilians, Portuguese, Italians, Sri Lankans and other peoples together Showing a bit of their culture and sharing the same faith in the Lord Jesus Christ King of the Universe.

This feast makes me think about how great God is and How small am I. The universe is 3×1080 square meters, I’m not even 2 meters tall How Can I think I know anything about anything. I have to put myself in my place and let Him command my life and the universe.

“Thy kingdom come thy will be done.”

What am I doing for His kingdom to really come? I see so many people in this world who have never had an experience with God, who have never experienced His love, and I think I have done nothing to make his kingdom come. It is at this point that today’s readings (specially th gospel) come in my help. Christ is king through His Cross and through his sufferings He reconciles the world with the Father. So it is also through my sufferings, my prayers, my hours of adoration, vigils before the Lord in the communions of the saints I am helping His kingdom to come too. Of course this is an aspect but shining the light of the joy I have received, spreading the Word around me. But most of all to make the values of the gospel more important than anything. To be capable of renouncing anything even good things that could be an impeachment to live the values of the gospel.

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