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The Prince Charming

Maybe every woman I know (or you know too), have dreamed about this handsome polite guy who is coming one day to “save” her from this world of rude impolite men. Well I think I’ve forced a bit. But don’t you think we’ve heard too much of fairy tales? I think we have heard to much of “happily ever after” to get convinced this can happen in real life. These bedtime stories never tell us the problems the prince (now a king) had with Cinderella with her “cleaning mania”. Or Philip (the one who married the sleeping beauty) can’t stand Aurora sleeping until noon, thank God he is a prince,  he has someone else to help him with the castle. It’s a shame that those stories end with their marriage, when marriage is a start.

Let’s move on to Hollywood. In the movies things don’t change much. In most romantic comedies the story ends with a kiss in the rain or when the couple finally understand they’re “meant to be” together and everything was just a misunderstanding…

Do I have a problem with this? Not at all! Because I know that those stories are just stories, but there is a lot of people that don’t. This said, there is a lot of teenage girls dreaming about their prince charming who won’t come. Sorry girls we (I’m a man too) have our flaws. So you’re saying I’m not aloud to dream anymore? You may ask me. Of course no! You can still dream about a Catholic guy to get married with, but don’t do it thinking that he will always open the car door for you. Guys forget this kind of things easily… Does it mean he wont love you? No! We do it our way…

When we have a relationship we need to see life through the eyes of the other. This other person who have his/her qualities and flaws. Maybe it’s not the easiest way to go but our “happily ever after” have to go through some talking, forgiveness and understanding. I think all of this have to come before marriage. Our way to happiness isn’t an easy way but it’s a sure way. Where does God comes in the middle of this? He loves us, and He can teach us to love our boy/girlfriend as He does to us: accepting our weakness, forgiving our lack of consideration, remembering when we forget (guys the girls hate when we forget important dates, evens when they say they don’t!)…

To build a relationship based on truth, forgiveness and dialog, without fear, without hiding what is not perfect in me, is the best we can do to make our marriage to have a long life. We need to start this way before we change rings and say we’re doing so before the priest. It can be a very good thing to pray every once in a while with our boy/girlfriend if he/she is catholic. The best way to be light in this world is to be what God wants us to be, saints, chaste and very very happy.

Check also an woman’s response to this post at: “A Prince Charming? No, A Man of God. (a woman’s response)


3 responses

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  2. Karen

    Exactly… muito bem! 🙂

    08/11/2010 at 11:55 pm

  3. Lia Beatriz

    So cute… =]
    Exactly what we should remember every time…
    That God will always help us and love us…

    09/11/2010 at 12:32 am

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