my vision of the world.

Today I’ll promise fidelity to God!

How can I do such a thing knowing that I won’t be faithful to everything I promise?

I trust in the strengths of the One who called me. Actually I know that without him I can do nothing (John 15,5). The words of Saint Augustin sound very clear to me today: “Give me what you ask from me and ask me whatever you want” (this is not literal but it’s how I remember). I’m sure that I wasn’t I who chose Him but it was He he chose me.

I don’t deserve to be called, I didn’t do anything for God to love me. But I know where I would be if it wasn’t His love to touch me. So I’m giving myself to God in gratitude. “My heart can only have gratitude, eternal gratitude, and unite my entire being to thank the One who loved me so much.” (Moysés Azevedo, Founder of Shalom Community).

How can I not love Him? How can I not share to the whole world this love and peace He gave me, and grants me every day? I give myself to God because He gave Himself to me! I want to make my life an eternal offering to my salvation and for the salvation of the world. By salvation I mean this meeting of two people that looked for each other for a very long time, that longed for one another and will be very happy when they finally meet, God and you (and me). Salvation for me is leaving this house of egoism in witch I live and going towards the Other and the others.

I want to be the voice of the risen Christ that claims to the world: “Peace be with you!”(John 20,19) “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give it to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid.”(John 14,27)

Once more I’ll say:  “Here I am, I promise to love you back Lord”.

Pray for me.


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