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Listening to God

How to listen God’s voice? How do we know we’re in the right path? How to be sure about our vocation?

Those are though questions… Because there isn’t a recipe, it isn’t like a cake, there isn’t no formula… I’ll share a bit of my experience (which isn’t enormous either).

I was a missionary member of my community for more than 12 years and now I’m an “external” member. I passed from a full time missionary to another way of evangelizing. Now I’m studying management, teaching English and French for a living. I evangelize in my college, through my blog, through translations of prayers and so on…

What made me decide to change my way of life?

The holiness, I mean my desire to be holy, to be saint, to accomplish my Christian faith as good as I can. Since I came back to Brazil I could see God opening new doors right in front of me: I passed the exam for the college I am now in 5th place (I haven’t studied high school stuff for more than 12 years!), the Languages Course that hired me was in need of teachers the very day I went there to check about job opportunities…

Now I hope to go back to Canada one day but I know that the Lord has just the right door to open for me. In the mean time I study, I pray for wisdom (there is a beautiful prayer at the book of wisdom Chapter 9) but I have every day I can a long moment of Silent prayer before God. Just to learn to listen to His signs.

Other than just silence and being attentive to the circumstances is there other ways of finding Gods will?

Well yes. obedience. Having someone to help you discerning God will is a sure way to do it. In the community we have a personal formator and a communitarian formator. I’m lucky my personal formator is also a priest. For those who don’t belong to a community, I suggest a confessor. For more than 12 years I’ve been helped by an external view. I can tell it’s difficult but it’s comforting to know you’re doing no wrong.

Saint Theressa of Avila praised the goodness of obedience as the best source of wisdom.

I hope I could help. I don’t fell like I spoke what I wanted. Whatever questions you have please ask and I’ll be more than happy to answer.

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