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Chastity as a yes

Another one from Deninse Landim

After reading a post on my friend Felipe Bezerra’s blog (, I wanted to write about chastity.

I also remembered a retreat promoted by the Catholic Community Shalom – to which I belong – I made last year and that helped me to dive in this huge Gift. I know this is a very important subject and discussed a lot in the Christian community, after all, live chastity in today’s world is increasingly challenging, isn’t it? And because it’s so challenging, to be chaste means to say yes to God daily, constantly, it’s a very “sweaty” yes. In this post I will try to talk about the issue in a more formative, next, I promise to write about chastity as poetry.

I begin with the words of the founder of Shalom, Moyses Azevedo, who says: “The will of God is not the easiest part, but is the most happy.” Therefore, at first, I start by telling you that you who knows God’s will for us is holiness, to be saints, and that we must be chaste, that it isn’t an easy path to choose chastity. For in a world that does not believe in purity, you are a brave fighter for choosing the most happy. Chastity is not a burden, is a courageous choice.

Chastity enables us to love, truly love. It protects us from ourselves and changes anxiety into patience . When we are divided by our feelings and desires, it unifies us and helps us to stay together . I’m sure many of our troubles would not gain inner strength if we were more pure. It may seem there is no connection between chastity and integrity, but is chastity what enables us to give ourselves entirely, to love entirely, and stay whole until the end without letting bits of ourselves falloff on the crooked roads of some relationships we’ve passed through in life.

The big fruit of chastity is to learn how to wait. It expands our vision beyond today’s date, beyond the “now”, beyond this moment. Chastity always expects tomorrow. The proof of love is not on today, it is on tomorrow. It’s easy to “spend”, today, the night with someone, it is difficult to live with that someone the “tomorrow” of an entire life! Only chastity makes us see this way, it only can lend us the glasses of God. Without chastity we are less confident and it becomes more difficult to expect promises, time and people.

And how to live chastely? God gave me a body to live in chastity. This body will one day be glorious! And that body was given to me to express love. And if I’m married, he gave me the body of my husband that I also take care of that body till the day i’ll return it to Christ “without spot and without wrinkle.” If I use my body and the body of another person just for my pleasure, I hurt not only my body and his body, I hurt my soul and the soul of another. What hurts the body, hurts the soul.

The good news is that God expects for a great opportunity to restore the virginity of our heart and with it, heal our bodies each day with His touches of pure love. There is no chastity without a start over, that’s why its always possible! If chastity empowers us to love, love enables us to chastity. On the day that we allow God love us fully, with our weaknesses and impurities; in the day He hugs and kisses our injured body with His mercy, filling the holes and gaps left in us by disaffection, chastity will no longer be and a desire but it will be a real path.

If our “yes” to God isn’t also a yes to chastity, the voice of true love will never be heard.


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