my vision of the world.

Let me speak about thorns

This girl is a poet. What makes the translation very hard. But as the other times I thinks it’s worth trying. For those who understand Portuguese please read the original.

from Denise Landim

“Organ axial or appendicular, hard and sharp (as found in orange), resulting from the modification of a branch, leaf, stipule, or root, consisting of lignified vascular tissue and, if plucked, destroy the underlying tissue.”

“1. Botany

a. A modified branch in the form of a sharp, woody spine.
b. Any of various shrubs, trees, or woody plants bearing sharp, woody spines.

2. Any of various sharp, spiny protuberances; a prickle.

3. One that causes sharp pain, irritation, or discomfort”

The thorn protects the rose as the suffering does for the soul. In proportion as it hurts, it seems to emphasize its beauty, that deeper one, the one that brings wholeness but not without pain.

When one recognizes the strength of love of the Cross, we understand the importance of the thorn and one can understand that a rose is complete only with it, as life becomes complete only when we challenge unfolds. The thorn that makes you cry teaches, trough the rose, you to smile. And the combination of this contrary richness exalts the delicacy of opposites who are united on a balance that only knows who planted them.

Who discovers the true beauty of a thorn have learned how to admire rose.

Whoever finds in the challenge an opportunity, have learned the joy to be happy.

And the one who picks welcomes roses and thorns have learned what is to live.

I do not want to live only with the roses. “I want everything.”


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  1. Thanks for “This girl is a poet”. rsrs. You did a great job with the translation!

    19/10/2010 at 8:13 pm

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