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Those who follow me on twitter and understand Portuguese have learned that my grandfather passed away last Sunday. Just days after I’ve written about heaven.

I had no doubt, not even for a second, that he went straight to heaven. He was irreproachable, one of the most fair and just men I’ve ever known. More than that he was a religious man, he went to the mass daily at 6am, some say he used to pray a rosary for each of his grandchildren every day (that makes 26 rosaries a day). I don’t doubt it cause I don’t remember seeing him without his rosary, ever, in my entire life.

But I suffered a lot. I was in deep pain when I heard my sister telling the “bad” news to me that Sunday morning. I felt it hard to have to wake up my brother and to tell him… it was very very hard… Even harder was to take my little sister who has Down Syndrome (she’s 11 years old) to see him at the hospital. It was difficult to hear her asking if the car flew (we told her that grampa was going to heaven )

Why was so difficult?

Because I wanted my grandfather with me…

Because we were created for life not for death.

Because in my weakness I prefer what I can touch and see to something I can’t.

Because I am going to miss him, and the Sundays at his house with the family. He was the link of the family…


I want to make public what I admire the most in him. For me he is a proof that love forever exists. When I was a kid I remember him a bit grumpy… I know he didn’t like us kids playing right under his window while he was studying (Now I understand, but Felipe “the kid” couldn’t see the problem of playing). Well, that image of him I had changed completely when I saw, many years latter, he walking around the house looking for my grandmother because it was time for her to take her medicine. She developed alzheimer’s, so she was little by little loosing he memory, and he stood by her, after more than 50 years of marriage she was still his sweetheart, the one he loved so much when he was young. She asked my mother (her daughter-in-law) to be buried with a little medal of St Therese because it was the same one she was wearing when she met him. They were in love…

Yes, love is more than a feeling it’s a decision that comes from the heart. And they made that decision. Now I pray that this holy couple pray for me.

God bless you.


2 responses

  1. Susan

    Wow. Your granddad sounds like a wonderful person…having shown you that “love is more than a feeling, it’s a decision that comes from the heart.”

    I’m praying that God will comfort you at this time.


    14/10/2010 at 12:02 am

  2. in case you want to read here is the link to my other post about heaven:
    Thanks for reading my blog!

    14/10/2010 at 10:14 am

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