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Just keep swimming

I woke up with this little Dory’s song (Finding Nemo) in my head. It helped me to remember that the post I translated yesterday inspired me a theme for another post. Which is what I’m trying to write now.

Well as Denise spoke about keep moving on, because we have just a little more to go. I remember to share with you a phrase I always say. Everything is going to be alright very soon we’ll be all in heaven. Yes, it might seem that I believe only in heaven our problems will be solved. Well the one thing that is sure is that there will be no problems for us there. But this helps me to keep my hope in heaven always lighten up in my heart and around me.

I think it’s very important for us Christians to keep our feet on the ground but our hearts lifted up to the Lord. It’s important to always remember that everything will pass and only God will remain constant in our lives. With Him we’re living an everlasting life. That’s the only thing that matters. So whenever I’m worried with something or I’m suffering I just “keep swimming” for I know where I put my hope( 2Timothy1,12).

Does it all means that we are not to live for this life? No, of course not! If God wanted us to live inly in heaven He would have created us there already. So we have to live here as good as we can. We have to take good care of our bodies and use it to show our love for the others. I long for heaven every single day of my life, but I enjoy living here the very same days. I pray, I go the the mass, I work out, I’m doing a diet (I hope I’ll stop one day). This is all part of being a good Christian.


One response

  1. Susan Heinemann

    I watched the clip of Dory’s song on YouTube…
    Sometimes I feel like the orange fish. So now I know what to play when I’m getting frustrated with accounting homework. 🙂

    Those are reassuring words. Heaven will be here sooner than we think. Do you believe we will see our loved ones in heaven? (Revelation 7:9 makes it sound like that is possible.)


    05/10/2010 at 10:55 pm

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