my vision of the world.

The changes

I did it to make the blog look a little more like me. But I’m not yet happy with it. I like it but I think there is still something missing, I think it’s still too dark. But I liked the fact that now it’s easier to find older posts. There is a search engine (on the side bar, you have to scroll down a little to find it but it’s there).

There is this painting from the Sistine chapel that shows a lot of what I want to say. I make a little effort to reach God and He stretches out to touch me. But He gives me freedom to touch Him or not. Did you know that there are exactly 3 centimeters of distance between their fingers on the real scale? I always think of this as the space for freedom the Lord gives us to find Him or not.

Well I hope you like it and I wait for your comments.

I’ll be trying a couple other backgrounds in the days to come so I need your feedback.

While I try to do some changes try to find in the older post something you may like, I wrote a lot before my blog started to be “famous”. So if you are a new visitor I invite you to take a look around.


2 responses

  1. Susan

    I like your welcome message at the top of the page. The background looks good under the painting and makes the white type easy to read. And it’s cool that you have that painting to show what your blog is about. Maybe you could provide a small link near the painting saying why you chose the artwork, so that future visitors know why.

    29/09/2010 at 1:22 pm

    • Thanks again!
      I’ll see hows the best way to do it. I’m thinking about leaving the reasons on the welcoming message.

      29/09/2010 at 4:12 pm

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