my vision of the world.

Looking slowly to the others

From Denise Landim.
The more we know someone, the more we love this one. The more we love someone, the more we know this one. Love without knowledge is like a house built on the sand. And knowledge without love is useless. Love and knowledge of someone  must go together. Time too, it takes care of revealing what is most precious.

Have you noticed that the ones you love the most are those you best know? You Know so much that you know who’s coming by the way the person steps on the floor. You understand every look and every smile, even the most silent ones. You know exactly what the person is thinking and sometimes even what the person will speak.

You know the virtues and you’re willing to defend this person with tooth and nail if anyone thinks about speaking badly about my friend. You’re this person’s  fan number 1 and you see that person uniquely.You Can’t understand how others have not yet discovered all the beauty this one have.

But the most impressive is that when you love someone and know the truth, when you know the weaknesses, sins, faults, even the most hidden… if we really love this one, there isn’t anything too scary that can make us retreat. The sins of those whom we love make the challenge of love becomes even more enriching. We do not fear the weaknesses of those we love, we fear not love him completely.

I miss people who believe in people, who “waste” time to know someone, people who is willing to walk all the path, even when one stumbles on some defect. Actually, I miss people who never stop in the wall, I miss people that cross the “safe” limit to meet the other as he really is.

As once wisely said Fr Fabio de Melo (a singer-writer-preacher catholic priest from Brazil) “we must look slowly at people…” How many people have looked at us too fast? Let’s not do the same. Who does not remember the story of the Little Prince? “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” or “It is the time you have lost for your rose that makes your rose so important.”

In the era of  the”virtual”, we need to believe in real love that is committed, the love that knows deep, love that never gives up, love that insists and that  is indeed the way to discover God.

Translated from Denise Landim’s : Margaridas do inverno – Olhar o outro devagar


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