my vision of the world.

Kinds of Christians

This text is another partnership with mt fried Denise Landim. She was inspired in a post of mine, so I’m just translating it to share with you:

Surely, we can see ourselves in one of these kind of Christian or remark around us some people who fit in very well.

I call myself a Christian.

“I am Christian, but I don’t like very much to say, after all, religion is something too personal, do not you think? That’s why I don’t go out with my Bible, or my cross or my rosary. I always go to Mass: when someone gets married or when someone dies, I think it’s very important. But Sunday I’m too ashamed of going out of the barbecue saying  that I’m going to church. I do not know much about this “new” Pope, but I think it’s kinda timid, I read in a magazine that he is not very good. I have already confessed in my first Eucharist, but never did it again, after all, these stories of sin are so relative. I went to a prayer group my friend goes, but I gave up. I must say that despite all that I have faith and always pray before going to bed, actually I’m already in be when I pray. God is everything in my life! I just don’t have much time for these things. I’m glad He protects me from evil anyway, I even bought a blessed medal that I don’t take it from my neck. My family also is close to God, there is a bible in my living room, a big one… It is just a little dusty, it’s true … But I always pray before Christmas dinner, which,by the way, it’s been about 10 years that I don’t attend, you know, long weekend … I have to enjoy my youth! It is true, in church there are certain things that get exaggerated, like abortion, because in some cases I think it should be legalized. And this story of chastity is more than overpassed, my great-aunt turned nun thought like that . But even with these details, I will die a Christian, because without God, we do not do anything in life. ”

The runaway Christian

“I am a “card-carrying” Christian. Everybody knows it and if one doesn’t  know I must say, if needed I’d cry it out loud. I go to mass every day and confess myself three times a month. I can not stand when someone blasphemes near me and I’m angry when someone calls me “blessed”. I’ve renounced the parties in the world and all those futilities. I just want God and His kingdom. I can not place to temptation, so I dress up like someone who doesn’t care about the image and I never look around when I walk down the street.  I don’t speak with who do not know Christ and I never feel good outside of the Church. I know the Bible by heart to avoid unnecessary discussion . Every conversation I have is about God as the world is near the end so we must insist until people believe. God forbid me of one day stop living in chastity, so I hardly have a relationship to, it is safer to do so. I only listen to Christian music and books only get into my house if they are God’s also. On television and the Internet there is only useless stuff, so I broke the TV and sold the computer. I’m just reading the newspaper because finally I’m unemployed now and have to look for a job. I’ve tried to work in various places, but in all of them I am persecuted for my beliefs. I don’t understand why they call me a fanatic and say they don’t want to participate in my religion. But that’s part of the persecution that Christ spoke in the Gospel. But I will not change, I’ll be a Christian to the end. ”

Christian (Only)

“I met the love of God and my life changed. I am a Christian and a friend of Jesus. I struggle to be faithful to Mass and to  confession. I try to talk about God through my life, making it a way through peoples lives it in order to evangelize. I’m “the world” extensively, even though I do not belong to it and that my life does not end here. I’ll go to parties when I can, I have MSN, blog and twitter. I choose what to watch TV seeing what it will not hurt me, I am God’s masterpiece and my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. I have many friends and I love life. I don’t stop to live to escape the temptation, I pray to be able to overcome it and when I see that I’ve fallen, I have where to go back. My religion is not a burden and being radical doesn’t mean to be a fanatic, it is to be like Jesus; Isn’t it He who a Christian should follow? I’m always updating me on what happens in the world and so I think I can serve God better. I reject the sin, but know I have to love the one who sins. I try not to judge who’s in the error, not to waste time and try to help him more. I improved my knowledge of my doctrine, so I respect and love my church. I do not believe in every new and outrageous headlines about the Pope, I recognize when mistakes are made. Everything in its right proportion. I am absolutely against abortion and I ask God to help me keep my virginity until marriage. I go to a prayer group and I believe in the gifts of the Holly Spirit. I know that Jesus wants to make me today, in my youth, a saint wearing  jeans. I’m happy and I am a Christian. ”

Post inspired by the text of my friend Felipe
“Non Christians parties”


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