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Non Christian parties

I had a good weekend…

Nothing like talking about evangelization (Saturday afternoon), going to a good party with some friends (sat Night), sleeping until late and taking a good dive in the warm Atlantic (Sunday afternoon) and crowning it with a good Mass at Shalom (Sunday night ).

Well this was a very good weekend. In this post I want to talk about the party. It was a birthday party, well not like the birth day parties I used to go in the community, but it was a “normal” party like people do here in Fortaleza. So what do I have to talk about though? Some of my friends teachers said they were proud of me for going there and mixing up with them. Still don’t get it? It was a non Christian party. It doesn’t mean there was an orgy, it simply means the people who were there weren’t there to have fun like Christians.

So there was drinking (at a moment there was no more non alcoholic drinks, that was the moment I left the party) there was dancing (normal dance music like Lady Gaga and stuff like that) and there were people wiling just to make out with someone well just people.

These people didn’t felt bad or accused for my presence, and they were happy that I was there. I think they feel like if I’m not coming to this kinds of party I’m “saying” this is all a sin and bad for you. And when I take part of the party, of course not doing everything they do I’m being one with them. I don’t condemn people if their conscience doesn’t  who am I to do so! Of course my conscience tells me when and where to stop. There was a moment the moves and the words of the music became too sexual, when the pop ran out, that was the moment my conscience told me to leave. One of my friends told me to put my tau (St Francis Cross) under my shirt and stay a little more but I couldn’t I would know it was there…

What is the big deal? A Christian should or should not take part on this?

I think we do. As Jesus did. He didn’t condemned the people who were drinking at Cana, He multiplied the wine. He didn’t stop them from drinking (sinning). Who I’m I to say what people should or shouldn’t do? Of course my conscience as a christian warns me about the sin  and I have myself to be aware of my limits. To evangelize and to show people the best way to live ins’t telling them a bunch of rules. It is to tell them that “the Christian lives like everyone else, gets married like everyone else but is someone that has a hope not like everyone else”(St Justin.Could a christian help me find the exact quote please?) That we’re not extraterrestrial beings (even though we are) going to heaven and everybody else will be doom to hell. I think this is the exact way to push them away from the church.

Being an example, being with them but not one of them, and not doing the same thing or having the same attitudes this is  a good way of showing  how to be a good Christian.

I have a lot more to talk about but my time don’t let me…

“I made this letter longer than usual because I lack the time to make it short.” (Blaise Pascal)

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  1. Susan

    I’ve been going to parties with non-Christians and have been struggling with this question too. Thank you for articulating your witness–you socialize with non-Christians, but you don’t have to participate in sinful behavior. And probably someone noticed you acting more respectfully and felt like they could trust you.

    But sometimes you have to draw the line and leave, as you did. By being there, you could be condoning something overtly sinful.

    So, as a Catholic, you think it is OK to drink at parties as long as you don’t get drunk?


    21/09/2010 at 12:10 am

    • First of all thanks for reading and commenting my blog!

      Getting straight to the answer: Yes, I think it is ok to drink as long as I don’t get drunk.

      To drink is not a sin “Wine is very life to man if taken in moderation. Does he really live who lacks the wine which was created for his joy?”(Eclesiasticus 31, 27) but “Let not wine-drinking be the proof of your strength, for wine has been the ruin of many.”(Eclesiasticus 31, 25)

      Jesus himself drank wine; He was also called “drunkard” (“The Son of Man came eating and drinking and you said, ‘Look, he is a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners.'” Luke 7,34)
      I think that as a Catholic we have to show the example, we have to tell were is the limit. Yes, unfortunately we can be misinterpreted and be confused as one of those who are in sin, as Jesus in this very passage. As saint Paul would say “To the weak I became weak, to win over the weak”I Cor. 9,22 (you’d understand better my point if you read this chapter from the verse 16)

      I remember ten years ago I was in mission in a very poor region of Brazil, and some members of my community and myself were trying to bring the word of God to a small village but it was very hurt by sin. There I stayed with the kids and told them histories from the bible while others stayed the the adults which the only activity was to play cards and to drink. One day I had to stay with those men who were drinking (I didn’t even touched the alcohol that day for because of the circumstance it wasn’t convenient at all). One of the little girls came to me and asked me “Are you drinking?”(she looked so disappointed I felt like crying) It was one of the most difficult situations of my life because my intention to evangelize was a motive of scandal to a little girl. It was one of the men who was sitting on the same table I was that told the girl I was there and I wasn’t drinking with them, I was just talking to them.

      Yes this is a risk. But it didn’t stop Jesus to talk to the woman of Samaria, or to go dinner at Zacchaeus …
      I’m not defending that to evangelize all means are valid, we have to be careful where to go and what we do. We have to be attentive to not to be a scandal, and not to be a stumbling stone to our brothers in Christ. I don’t go to night clubs and stuff like that, but a party with friends can be a good moment to witness our faith.

      Hope I’ve answered your question.

      21/09/2010 at 1:36 am

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