my vision of the world.

The fish

The fish has been a  very strong symbol to the christians but it is not about this I want to talk today…

Once upon a time (I just love starting stories like this!) there was a little fish. He lived in a small muddy pond where Big fish ate fish and fish ate little fish… actually everyone else ate little fish…

One day, swimming away from other fish, our little friend found a hole on the bottom of the pond and he squeezed himself  all the way into it. That hole took him to a creek and that creek to a river. Our little friend was amazed with the space and the clearness of the watter. He could find food, space and several places to get some rest in the shadow. What a wonderful feeling to find others like him and to fell safe without the need to hide and run (swim away) all the time.

After some time he felt that he needed to share what he had found with those who rested in the pond. The little fish made an enormous effort to go up the river and after up the creek.  You couldn’t imagine how hard for him was to go back into the hole from where he tried to scape once; I mean psychological and physical cause he had gained some weight too.

Our scaly friend finally arrived back in the pond and tried to tell others what he has seen outside. But for those who rested in the pond it seemed impossible the existence of such a world. All they had seen their entire lives was the muddy tank. What made even worst to believe was: to get into that world it was necessary to make a great effort, to loose weight, to get into some tight dark hole on the bottom of the pond.

They ate the little fish.

What a sad story the reader might  tell me. Well actually this is quite what happens in our world. This is a way I see us Christians and our relations with the world around us. We have found this safe place, we have discovered a marvelous world of freedom in Christ but the world can’t understand us and they won’t do it until they see it by themselves.

The end of the story may be sad at first glance, but what we can,as Christians,  see is: Death has never the last word. The life that lies within us is always stronger.

“The blood of the martyrs shed new seeds of the church”. This phrase is shown to be very true because it is by witnessing, more than by speaking we are going to show our friends the true freedom we have found in Christ. Just a reminder: Martyr means witness.

So let us be Christians before trying to make others Christians, and let us expose ourselves, let us be eaten by the others so this way people can have an experience of the true love of God.


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