my vision of the world.

Christ has never let me lack of anything

Christ has never let me lack of anything! Nor of dreams, or truth! Neither friendship nor love! Neither beauty nor wealth! My life was never a forced resignation and filled of hardship. Never was a “no” to myself and my to desires. I was never far from the best of  feelings and relationships. I chose something different, bigger than the proposal offered and best known. I loved and was beloved. I knew the power of forgiveness. I disappointed and I was disappointed. I fell  and stood up. I made friends. I met many places. I found a direction and I got tired for something worthwhile. I was afraid, I cried. I was comforted, and someone believed in me .. and found myself lost and I was founded again. I’ve got a lot more than I gave. I entered the lives of people I made ties stronger than blood and saw God weave a story with strong and soft hands. I have witnessed miracles. I have always been free, even giving my freedom to Someone else. I smiled the smile of purity and sang the anthem of chastity. What I have not tried? I did not meet. Today I only miss what makes my heart beat, what I really am and who I am for. To the contrary to what one may think, choose to discover God is a fountain that never runs dry, a novelty that always delights and a path full of happiness.

I lived intensely and fully, and best the best of it: I remained whole. My heart is not in pieces. It was not offered for sale and it was not eaten. I’m not afraid to say I have known true love. I know I’ve never seen anyone regret having given everything to God. I never saw anyone die of sadness or depression because he or she loved God too much. Something I can not say about the one who chose to follow oneself. I put my life in the hands of the One who knows me, and I experiment sleeping the sleep of friends, as the psalmist says. Tranquility and protection are not empty words. And all this is just the beginning of something that will live forever. I always have lived love with no expiration date. And I can say without fear that Christ was and is the “joy of my youth”!

To finish, I echo the words of Pope: “If we let Christ into our life we lose nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing of what makes life free, beautiful and great. No! Only in this friendship are open wide the doors of life. Only in this friendship is truly revealed the great potential of the human condition. Only in this friendship we do experience beauty and liberation. Be fully convinced: Christ takes nothing away from what is beautiful and great in you, but He brings everything to perfection for the glory of God, the happiness of men and the salvation of the world “(Benedict XVI)
Posted by Denise Landim in Portuguese in “Margaridas do inverno” translated by me.


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