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Little prayers for everyday

I felt like sharing with you some short prayers I pray every now and then. Some of them are in Portuguese but I chose to translate them all to English. If you find anything weird is because of the bad translation… sorry about that.

“Sweet Jesus stay with me because everything is good at your side”. I’ve learned when I was a kid from a carmelite. I had just hurt my foot  and I was crying when she came and taught me this prayer. It helped me trough some tough times…

“Jesus have mercy on me sinner”. The prayer from the blind man in Jericho sometimes is the only prayer that comes out of my heart. The man had the opportunity to ask whatever he wanted from Jesus after this phrase.

“Don’t take your Holy Spirit from me”. (Ps 51,13) This is also my cry for help… specially before confessions.

“Come Holy Spirit”. It’s a constant prayer before each and every decision. When I don’t know what to do or even  which way to take to go to college. I’ve learned from the Mount Zion community from Michigan.

“Hide me in the shadow of your wings” (Ps 17,8) To ask protection I remember the whole psaume 91 too but sometimes it is just the verse. There are several mentions of the “Wings of God” I love this image, makes me feel protected and loved by God.

I hope I could help.



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  2. Rae

    For some reason this showed up as a new post in my Google Reader today. I am glad that it did. I especially love the first one.

    03/06/2011 at 11:07 am

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