my vision of the world.

No pain no gain.

Everybody has heard this motivation  from Arnold Schwarzenegger probably not from his mouth for the younger ones.
The idea of pain or suffering is something we always want to get out of your mind, isn’t it?
But still we can never get all the sufferings out of our lives. Even the very little thing like waiting someone can be a source of suffering. Of course some people get into some serious sorrowful situations  and some others can’t deal with a simple toothache. The reality is we can’t escape some sort of sufferings or pain in our lives and we must deal with it.
Here abide the difference between Christianity and a lot of other religions. we don’t try to pretend suffering doesn’t exists or it is not here or pretend to deal with it as it is nothing. We find our consolation in someone who knows what suffering is, because He’s passed trough it. We suffer even the small things of life in His passion. We know each and every mark caused by pain in our soul and in our flesh will be transformed in His resurrection. Like His marks ours will be glorious too. We can witness to others that in His wounds we are healed from ours. I can say that all the marks of suffering caused by life or by others in my life were transformed and I am still a free man.
There is a lot to speak about when the theme is suffering. My goal wasn’t to end up the subject but only to bring up some reflections to the heart.
For those christians reading the blog I want to dedicate this song:
Have a nice prayer.

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