my vision of the world.

Living as a Christian in a non Christian world

Well the title says already a lot of what I want to talk about.

We live in a world becoming every day less christian, in some places it is rare to see one of us. In some societies like here in Brazil we’re forgetting how to be Christians because we live in a christian country.

Let me explain:  I see very often people taking everything  as an attack to the church even the movie Avatar was taken as a “menace” to the faith.

Sincerely: We have more interesting things to do…

I think about the first christians, imagine if they didn’t buy something in a store because the store was consecrated to a god; they would starve, or go around naked… go out for a dinner would be a nightmare.  More than that I don’t remember reading any of the fathers of the church speaking about how unfair was martyrdom, or that it was against freedom of conscience.

People have the right to the truth, if someone is directly attacking the church we have to defend ourselves and tell the truth, but lets just stop finding persecution in every new movie that comes out. If its against the law to tell someone not to interrupt her pregnancy lets go against the law, or whatever goes against our faith. I’ve heard that in china some christians went out in the morning to evangelize with their bibles and a blanket because the knew they were going to spend the night in prison.

Lets get the example of Avatar (the movie): People (christians) were saying that it was clearly proselytism for a religion I don’t remember the name but kind of worships the nature. Well as a human being I wasn’t at all convinced nature was worth worshiping. For me it was a story as any other, I had a lot of fun watching it, I’ve found amazing the 3D effects but once I left the theater all that “connect-with-the-nature” thing stood there and I went to the mass the following day. Point! The movie was cool and that was it. End of story. Is it only me? You go out of a violent movie wiling to kill everyone you hate? Because I don’t get influenced by a movie easily like that. Even Matrix, I’ve watched a dozen times maybe more (each one of the tree !) and I don’t think we’re in the matrix or there is any “Deus ex machina” controlling us.

Let’s live our faith as good christians, forgiving 70 times 7, praying for those who persecute us, giving the other cheek but also asking those who hit us without reason as the Lord did: Why do you hit me?

I remember a story of a martyr who was smiling and praying for his torturer. When the man asked him why wasn’t he angry with him the saint just said: “Your obligation is to torture me but mine is to forgive you.”

The best way to evangelize is to live our faith and to give the reasons of that for those who ask about it. It doesn’t mean we can’t go out to the streets announcing the Name of Jesus but this is going to be an extension of our life of faith. and that examples are more powerful than words.


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  2. Susan

    Agreed–if we Christians are to be a witness, we have to remember what is important (forgiveness, etc.), because time is precious. Thanks, Felipe!

    29/09/2010 at 1:12 pm

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