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Lectio Divina (divine reading)

It’s my second post in a row I speak about prayer but how can I make it different if this is one of the most important things in my life?
Last post I wrote about prayer in a more general matter. Now I’d like to talk about a way of praying with the Word of God I discovered a long time ago.
I was 14 yers old and the bible wans’t a source of prayer for me, because I couldn’t find a way of praying with it. It was always more a study, or trying to understand… Than I’ve found the “method”. Which consists in four steps.

Lectio (reading)

to answer the question: “What does the Word says?”. To read it several times (at least 4) get into the spirit, into the context to perceive what is going on in the text.

Meditatio (meditation)

To answer the question: “What does the Word is saying to me?”. What comes out to me of what I’m reading? What ring a bell in my heart? What pushes me to change?

Oratio (prayer)

To answer the question: “What do I say to the Word?” What decisions I’m taking based on the words I’ve read? Is a moment to repent or to praise, to be happy for His promises or to just be quiet and feed the hope. As you can see it is a very personal moment.

Contemplatio (contemplation)

It is an even more personal moment. There is no questions or even answers. This step is a moment of a dialog heart to heart between you and your friend.

Enough with the theories!

We can take for example the passage of Mathew (chapter 8 verse 23) where we see Jesus calming the storm.
On the first step of our method we’re supposed to find what the word says, lets take the elements. There are in the boat at least three experienced sailors: Peter, Andrew and John (and probably James, John’s Brother was a fisher too). They have probably been through several storms. It wasn’t a little one this storm to make all the disciples scary and still Jesus was asleep. The only theory to explain this slumber of Jesus’s part is the stress; He had probably passed the night before in prayer and had a full day as we know His days were. Back to the passage we cans see that Jesus waking up just give the storm a big “shush” to the wind and the rain.( You know when we’re kids and we’re playing just under our dad’s window on summer Sundays during his sleep after lunch and out of a sudden a big “shush” comes out the window, the calm is immediate among us and slowly, and silently,  we move to another spot. Probably you have another story like this to tell, with your grandfather or a teacher but I think you can see my point .  I see this moment of Jesus’s live a bit like that).
Than Jesus turns and says to his disciples “Where the @%# is your faith?” The poor guys just stood there astonished.. Who is this man? …
This is where we get into the second step what does the word is telling me?
How great is our God! Our God is an awesome God! This is what the word is telling me!
I’m feeling like kneeling and praising his power. I want to sing his power and thank him for He is greater than any storm in my life. This is already the third step.
The fourth step has already begun because God is acting in our hearts as we open up to him and let the trust we have in Him grow and we abandon our lives to him.

Fell free to ask me more about prayer and Christian life.


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