my vision of the world.


Today is someone’s birthday.

There are millions of people I don’t know celebrating their birthday. But there is one I know very well blowing up candles today, actually she doesn’t like birthday parties then I’m not sure if she’s really going to blow up her candles but for the sake of the style I’ll let the expression stay. That person, so different than me, have passed into my life a very long time ago almost unnoticed one day, not very different from the other friends I have made she came out of nowhere and started a conversation, in a few weeks those small talks became friendship, this friendship with the years became deeper and deeper and today I can say she is my “secret garden” where I can feel safe. It is weird to call someone “where” but Saint Paul keeps saying on the letter to the Ephesians that “in” Christ we have salvation (is interesting to see how sometimes for Paul Christ and salvation look like a place we can almost measure cf. Eph 3,18). Back to what I was saying for me it feels like I’m safe; safe from misjudgment, misinterpretation, from bad impressions, I can be myself.

It is very interesting how people make a whole lot of changes in our lives just by being who they are. I am very found of friendships no matter how many friends I might have I want to make more friends, just because of the good they bring into my life.

I hope my life brings the same to others.



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