my vision of the world.

Global warming.

I had a short conversation this morning with my colleagues in the training I’m doing at wizard (to be an English teacher). We talked about climate change and how we don’t have a formed opinion about it.

I was going to make some research on the web but as I’m tired and tomorrow  I have to be there again early I’m talking what I think and after, if I feel like doing it (or if I get comments asking for it) I may publish some findings.

Well that makes me think is that among scientist global warming isn’t unanimous, but for the media it is already scandal and urgent and the end of the world. Ok we produce a hole lot of CO2 but it is enough to change the temperature of the planet?  I really don’t know… I’m not saying that it isn’t I’m only saying I don’t know… how much CO2 the Amazon jungle produces at night? not to talk of the forests of pine trees on Siberia during the winter… isn’t that a lot too?

People talk about the ice that is melting on the poles, that a part of the planet will sink. Come on guys, Netherlands is surviving for centuries under the level of the sea, do you really think all those companies that have brokers in NY will let it be flooded?

I’m not saying we shouldn’t do something or the clime isn’t changing I’m only saying the world is not going to end in 2012… Humanity has been finding ways to adapt…  If it is irreversible lets deal with a little less of anxiety, if there is something we can do lets do it.  This is also part of  the commandment “You shall not steal”. Let’s not steal the natural resources of our planet from the future generations.



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